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21 Lil Harold – Robbin Season

Robbin Season By 21 Lil Harold MUSIC VIDEO

Robbin Season LYRCIS By 21 Lil Harold:
Y’all know I gotta get it
Choppers, be quiet
Gun, 45 (Buddah blessed this beat)
They say
Nines, TECs (Uh-huh)
AKs, Dracos (Uh-huh)
Machine guns, switches (Uh-huh)
Glock 45
[Verse 1]
Black Air 1s what I got on (What I got on)
I’ll rob a nigga down with his ice on (With his ice on)
I’ll slime a nigga out, put the tax on (Tax him)
I’ll bust all in her mouth, she got a big tongue (Ugh)
They say it’s robbing season for the real killers (Uh-huh)
The real hitters (Uh-huh)
Them young niggas (Uh-huh)
Big pistol (Uh-huh), it kill niggas (Uh-huh)
I don’t got time for no freak bitch (Not no freak bitch)
But I’m— ayy, ayy (Uh, 21, 21, 21)
H Dawg, bitch, I like to walk shit (Like to walk shit)
I got this trey-57, he like to talk shit (Baow, baow)
If Eddie Kane was out here, you bettеr hide, bitch (H Dawg)
It ain’t no in between shit, so free the guys, bitch (Ayy, free my dog, nigga)
First gun that I totе (What it was?), it was a thirty round
First rhyme that I wrote (What it was?), I made a hundred thou’
Big Nuke had the coke (Nah) until we robbed him down (Damn)
A lot of opps had jokes (Pussy) until we put ’em down (Pussy)

See, it was this young nigga, right?
I fucked with this young nigga, but my bro was telling me the whole time the nigga was havin’ some pussy shit in his blood
Dumbass nigga

[Verse 2]
Nigga wanna beef ’bout a bitch, I don’t do (What?)
Niggas get on songs, make diss, I’m gon’ shoot (What?)
This nigga be pouting like a trick (Damn)
How you gangster, but got feds in your mix? (Damn)
I don’t want smoke with no snitch nigga (Not no snitch nigga)
You don’t bang 4L, you ride dick, nigga (You ride dick, nigga)
You put money on my head, well, send a blitz, nigga (Well, send a blitz, nigga)
Triple crosses, send ’em out ’cause I’m rich, nigga (‘Cause I’m rich, nigga)
I (Uh-huh) got Tommy guns, nigga (Tommy guns)
Ah, ah, that nigga used to be my son, nigga
Why lie? Punch him down, make him run, nigga (Punch his ass out)
He don’t even care about it
Old bitch-ass, old hoe-ass nigga


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