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5 Seconds of Summer – Best Friends

Best Friends by 5 Seconds of Summer MUSIC VIDEO

Best Friends LYRCIS by 5 Seconds of Summer:
[Verse 1: Luke]
Honey, I can see you when you’re reachin’ out for more
Your fear is only rational until it all becomes
A feeling of the past livin’ under the summer sun
But, baby, you’re an animal and life has just begun
Take me as I am and I will take you as you are
You call me on my shit and my jaw is on the floor
I’d love to have somebody never filter what they say
And I can feel it comin’ like you planned it to the day

[Pre-Chorus: Luke]
Silver lining’s gold and shining
Perfect timing now
[Chorus: All]
Memories I hold to keep safe
And I live for that look on your face
I got the best friends in this placе
And I’m holdin’ on
Memories I hold to keep safe
And I lovе to love you, for God’s sake
I got the best friends in this place
And I’m holdin’ on

[Post-Chorus: Luke]
Holdin’ on

[Verse 2: Michael]
Life is like a poem written on a bathroom wall
A decorated list of all the things you’ve felt before
It’s not a perfect narrative, there’s beauty in mistakes
It’s time to love somebody who won’t try to change your way
I remember waitin’ on the calm before the storm
Back when we were on the other side of twenty-four
Take me to the place where everybody knows our names
It’s better late than never, baby, I don’t wanna wait for

[Pre-Chorus: Michael]
Silver lining’s golden shining
Perfect timing now


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