Hold On LYRCIS by Ann Marie:
(Damn, Capo)
Hold the fuck on
Hold on
What the fuck you say? Hold on
What you say?
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on

[Verse 1]
I know that these bitches be watchin’ page
So I gave ’em somethin’ to look at (To look at)
They mad ’cause I’m pretty, I’m lit and I’m paid
And on top of that I got good [?] (Ha)
Nigga, I don’t do all that talkin’, not with that
Gon’ get that in blood, bitch, if you want your lick back
Keep doin’ your shit but you letting ’em hit that
While I’m in his pockets like, “Ho, let me get that” (Let me get that)
I ain’t gon’ beef with no basic bitch (Uh)
Just hit up a nigga like “[?]”
Next time you tweetin’ then at/@ me bitch
Huh, [?] see, I’m just gettin’ started
When they speak on the [?], they say I want an artist (She an artist)
She a gangsta lil’ bitch but she look like a Barbie
Hе wanna know if I love him? Hardly (Hardly)
Wait, hold on (Hold on)
Wait, hold on (Hold on, hold on)
Wait (Hold on)
Wait, hold on

[Verse 2]
Ain’t no bitch gon’ address if I was they mеal (Huh)
It’s pretty, it’s tight and this wagon don’t smell
When I’m poppin’ out then I’m giving ’em Hell
Been steppin’ on necks in these new YSL (YSL)
I know you be pissed when you go on my page
I’m icy as fuck and I’m still gettin’ paid
That nigga you with still gon’ give me his face (Huh)
He do whatever I say (Okay)
You better off with me than goin’ against me (Huh)
You [?] my body so why would you tempt me?
[?] baby, this shit really in me (Yeah)
Bitch made it out so you know that they envy
Now I move thoroughly, I buss down my Rollie (Huh)
They claim that we homies (Huh), they don’t even know me (Huh)
Can’t let a bitch ever get one up on me
Say you gon’ do what? (Do what?), you gotta show me

Huh, wait, hold on (Hold on)
Wait, hold on (Hold on, hold, hold on)
Wait, wait, hold on
Hold on
Wait, hold on
Wait, hold on

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