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Anne Wilson – Closer To God

Closer To God by Anne Wilson

Closer To God by MUSIC VIDEO

Closer To God LYRCIS by Anne Wilson:
I thought the more I cleaned myself up
The more worthy I’d be
I thought I had to draw to near to Him
For Him to draw back to me
But He’s the breath in my lungs when I’m gasping for air
He’s the friend listening holding my desperate prayers

In every hour that felt too dark
In every moment He felt far
Every time I felt like He forgot
Didn’t know I was closer to God

In every valley He walked with me s
He sealed my future set me free
In every place I felt lost
Didn’t know I was closer to God

Cause He leans into the brokenhearted
The whisper in the storm
Looking back to where I started
The path revealed Him more
He’s the tears in my eyes washing my soul
And I had to lose it to know He’s in control

I had to lose hope
To finally stop runnin’
I had to feel alone
To learn that I wasn’t

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