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Armani Caesar – Paula Deen

Paula Deen by Armani Caesar MUSIC VIDEO

Paula Deen LYRCIS by Armani Caesar:
[Intro: Armani Caesar]
Yo (A. Caese, the motherfuckin’ div)
Ayo, ayo

[Verse 1: Armani Caesar]
All up on my clit, just kiss it (Just kiss it)
Y’all a bunch of broke ass bitches (Uh-huh)
Came up in the game and I’m four-five-six’n (Ha, woo)
Say them VVS’s is why them shits ain’t hitin’?
Potty trained bitch shittin’ (Bitch shittin’)
While they gossipin’, I run up my digits (Run up my digits)
Back in the kitchen, badder bitch since Dennis the Menace (Dennis the Menace), huh
Can’t really argue with bitches, I’m up here (I’m up here)
I met your dude, spent his check up and disappeared (Uh-huh)
In the streets ‘Mani did shit (‘Mani did shit)
Whippin’ that dope, sеrvin’ niggas in kitchen (Uh-huh)
I be on Paula Deen shit (My Paula Deen shit)
My shit supremе, all queen (Uh-huh), I’m ’bout cheese (I’m ’bout cheese)
I cop V’s with no keys, ho, please (Ah-hah)
Pockets gettin’ fatter, the bank account goin’ up (They goin’ up)
Bottega Veneta clutch, got a lil’ get money gut (Get money gut)
Drop another selfie, the internet goin’ nut (They goin’ nut)
Niggas all in my DMs, your MCM got a crush
[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Dope fiend sayin’, “West, you The Shepherd” (Nah)
I put a dot on your head, dalmatian on the Givenchy leather
Chevy, three seats vanilla (Skrr)
My rhymes stellar
Do or die, you leavin’ in a body bag or stretcher (Boom-boom-boom)
In blue marble, head to toe, who are you?
I’m too remarkable (Woo)
G.O.A.T. status (Agh)
The Black Lex Luger, the total package (Agh)
Pistol whip you brutal, knock off your noodle (Agh)
Left the scene clean without a trace
Money green Bottega skates
Chrome Heart leather mask, lookin’ like leather face
The “X” after the “G”, the “F” before the “R”, get your letts straight
Whipped a big eight and got another big eight (Whip)
Locked in the shoe, I seen better days (Better days)