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Babyface Ray – Crazy World

Crazy World By Babyface Ray MUSIC VIDEO

Crazy World LYRCIS By Babyface Ray:
I had to tell ’em, like
I just need my space right now
I had to draw somethin’ down, yeah
I had to show you

I can feel you ain’t with me, for real
You gon’ try play me crazy if I don’t know the business real
A hurt past, go to church, that’s religion and heels
I just saw the pastor daughter walk in, switchin’ the heels
It’s a crazy world, I’m a ladies man
Mama’s baby boy, that’s his favorite, I promise you that
You gon’ hustle these days without honeys attached
‘Cause they gon’ trade ’til you die, on a cell-block trap
I pull a cup, get dry, and still brought the same ones
Ridin’ in the cut and I’ll kill for you
Before [?], man, my partner had a deal for me
Better percentage, royalties, talkin’ real money
Yeah, I got a bad coupe, could take me out, pay the bill for me
Yeah, bad million-dollar, London with a seal on me
Pockets, and my stomach gettin’ bigger, real simple
I’m an ex pill-dealer, hate these niggas, Hilfiger, yeah
You gon’ talk me to death
You gon’ cop a hotbox and in the foreign with…


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