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BabyTron – 100 OVR


(You’re not making this easy, Kyle)

I ain’t got the strap on me, it don’t matter, boy, I’m smacking opps
I’ll pop a bean and level up like I’m Kakarot
Hammer glued to me like my home base Ragnarök
You ain’t never had a knot, never had no guap
You ain’t never had a ten, you ain’t had a dub
You ain’t never had a fifty, you ain’t had a hun’
You ain’t never had a quarter ticker, lil’ dirty bum
I bet I’ll have ten M’s when I’m thirty-somethin’
They tried to count me out, I think they failed math
4-0 on me, I should be in Yale class
Talkin’ ’bout you in yours, it must bе a stale bag
Bitch talkin’ ’bout earn her hеart, but I ain’t Dale ass
Unleashed dog, boy, this shirt Givenchy
This a forty-two, I told them keep the Dirk Nowitzki
I’m for surely dizzy, probably ’cause the Perky hit me
Fuck the confrontation
Drop his ass first peep, I’m just observating
Pink ten with an Addy, shit, I’m concentrating
Got Ulysses in the drum, but my pockets Franklin
I could hop up out the car in neutral, walk him down
Or play the sun roof in the Track’, hawk him down (Fah, fah, fah)
Go pick his body up
We ice him like a hockey puck, he bleedin’ like a Wocky cup
Bet against the team, you gon’ find yourself in debt (In debt)
I’m a hustle fiend, had to find myself a check
How you got some VVs, hidin’ from the diamond test?
Cuddy tryna work his wrist, somebody find a ‘Rex
Shit, hit his cherry on top, now he a vegetable
Present, future, past, his whole life unacceptable
Turk hit the work and stretch it out, Mr. Incredible
Ain’t a dollar in your pocket, fuck does your opinion matter?
I just popped an Oxycodone, now I’m feelin’ big and badder
Pull up to your crib blowin’ like the wolf
Five hundred CVVs, I gotta buy in bulk
I was on the ropes, then turned around like Rey Mysterio
Wake up eatin’ Apple jacks like, nah, it ain’t no Cheerios
Wake up like, “Shit, what I want for breakfast?”
Think I want a sealed pint of syrup straight from Texas
Shit, I’m straight on texting, don’t call unless it’s ’bout some dollar bills (Brrt)
I can split a brick in two and put it back together, David Copperfield
Before I hopped up in the Urus, popped a pill, might pop the wheels (Skrrt)
MJ pulling stunts like he Travis Pastrana
All black thing like T’Challa, the ‘Cat from Wakanda
All Gelato, not no Lemon Cherry, the package say, “Guava”
Catch him out and fill him up with lead like a Scantron
Your main mans’ll see you Money Mitching, turn to Cam’ron (Huh, Rico, Rico)
Give your bitch a script of blues and tell her, “Treat it like a tampon” (Huh, freak ho, freak ho)
Fake one way, go the other, hit the sheriff with a Shammgod
Send a hundred shots and turn his top into a Wiffle ball
Think you fuckin’ with the gang? You must’ve sniffed a brick of dog
Can’t you tell by the Virgil tee I’m gettin’ off?
Foghorn Leghorn how my chicken talk
When life give you lemons, you supposed to make lemonade
When life give you dope, I heard you ‘posed to sell it
DSM, we still sinning ’cause all doggies go to Heaven


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