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BabyTron – Euphoria 2

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Today’s price ain’t tomorrow’s price
Go and grind today ’cause you ain’t promised it tomorrow night
All the jewelry that I’m wearin’ mine, ain’t gotta borrow ice
You gotta know today’s price, it ain’t tomorrow’s price
Shit, I’m getting thirty for a verse, I got the gift of gab
Me and brodie tripping, ain’t no acid, we ain’t split the tab
Bulletproof the truck, add a couple compartments in the dash
R.I.P. Mauri, know he somewhere up in Heaven sipping Act’
(R.I.P. 72, long live $cams)
Take a lot to knock me down, but it’s impossible to keep me there
Post my lo’ OT, then drop an opp like, shit, they think we whеre?
How you comfortable? The car you drivin’ cost thе jeans I wear
Shit, I don’t get it and I probably never will (Never)
Twenty thousand, one arena, still don’t feel no pressure
Reminiscing, missin’ members, double-cups don’t heal forever
Re-rock professor, I K rolled ’em then put the seal together
Fifteen hunnid dollar pair of Nikes, these some chunky Dunkies
Never could I forget where I’m from, the double-cups be muddy
Tryna swim around the deep with sharks? Oh, yeah, you funny, guppy (Ha, funny guy)
Heavy on the za, but with the shrooms, I’m micro dosin’
Got the mini K up in the goose, I’m micro coatin’
If you put yo’ time and grindin’, you gon’ find yo’ moment
Shit, take me as example, got my life devoted
Nah, seriously
Feel like Tyrese on that street, I’m drivin’ furiously (Skrrt)
I told that bitch I’m not a city boy, so do not period me (Nope)
I used to wake up late for school like always, show up period three
Hal Jordan ‘Cat matte black and the interior green
Twenty million streams a week, I gotta thank the fans
I remember I was talking to me like, “Go take a chance”
Trackhawk, it’s actin’ bad, I’ma finna spank the gas
It ain’t a single badge on the sleeve, that’s where it’s rankin’ at
Cuddy said fuck a pass today, he tool guardin’
Japanese plug pitchin’ (Yup) like he Yu Darvish
Akhi pull up with that finisher, don’t matter who started
ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia, yeah
2022 a sneak peak, ’23 the movie (I swear to God, it is)
Twenty somethin’ shows in four weeks, it’s getting crazy (Sheesh)
If I rock it, it ain’t basic, fits sophisticated
Acitone up in the kitchen, they ain’t restoratin’ shoes
Wanna be militia? Gotta take a test and pay the dues
Shit, shit, shit
Tomorrow’s price, it ain’t today’s price
Wanna be the star but you the type to catch some stage fright

Brr, ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia, man, you could never count us out
You gotta add us up first
Nah, literally
We live from the lab right now
I can’t tell you where I’ma be at when this bitch drop, though
I might be in yo’ city
Shit, the way I’m workin’, the way we grindin’
Long live $cams, you know what the fuck goin’ on


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