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BabyTron – RIP Hutch


[Intro: BabyTron]
I wonder, if I take you home
Would you still be in love, baby?
Because I need you tonight
I wonder, if I take you home (I ain’t taking you home, shit)
Would you still be in love, baby? (Home, home)
Because I need you tonight (Home, home)
ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia
(Ayo, Mark A)

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
Off-White striped sweater, lookin’ like I’m SpongeBob (Brr)
Turnt now, fucked around and cranked that one knob
Shout-out gang, some shoot, some scam, some rob
In Heron Preston sellin’ food, it’s a lunch line
Brodie off a bar, don’t get blew when it’s crunch time (Fuck)
Swervin’ off the Wockiana, I don’t drunk drive (Shit)
I’m tryna have a pistol fight, I’m finna up mine (Damn)
Mirror tint up on the Cartis for the sunshine
Dog $hit Militia, gang know I’m on the frontline
Pourin’ up in my Moutain Dew while I’m in here counting blues
Livin’ like Tom Cruise, see an opp, I’m hopping out the coupe
I just gotta let my chain dance, she gon’ put that mouth to use
Penthouse MIA at the Fontainebleau
I was out workin’, bro and ’em was out lurkin’
Was jumping out of Strikers, now I’m jumpin’, crowd surfin’
Shit, I’m jumpin’ out of Germans, this a i8 (Skrrt)
Drip God, throw this shit on, then I fly away
In here popping Perkys like I’m tryna fight a migraine
Cuddy in here serving glass, he pull it out the ice tray
Got it off the hustle, off the muscle, I ain’t buy fame
Feelin’ like Sub-Zero, masked up in these ice chains
R.I.P. Hutch, kit bust
Ridin’ in a foreign sticked up, switched up
Been a while since I been down ’cause I been up
Four grams of the runtz, only roll up big blunts
Look, I don’t got a stutter problem when I talk wet
Would’ve thought I came from Niketown, I got all checks
Better call next, we got now, get the ball checked
7.62s, if they hit, they takin’ off flesh (Brr), damn

[Verse 2: Remble & Rico Nasty]
Throwing twos up in y’all face
Deuce-deuce falling in my pants, you would assume I had a small waist
Short temper even when a nickel had a long day
Loose screw, sound like penny droppin’ in my bald fade
We keep it crackin’ (Crackin’)
He peep the scene then he start smackin’ (Smackin’)
Let’s get it jumpin’ (Jumpin’)
If Crash pulls up, we won’t say nothin’
Nada, zero, I’m not bluffing
Two time hero, grandkids munchkins
Opps be sweet though, Starbursts, Gushers
OKC how they get thundered
Pesos, euros, I clear baggage
Chicken, chili, Gouda, cabbage
She got keester, rump, wagon
Jeepers creepers, face was nasty
Said she looked like Janet Jackson
OMG, this citch was capping
I wouldn’t lie though, I might still smash her
She kinda fly so I just land her (Rico)

[Verse 3: Rico Nasty]
You ain’t got no motion, you ain’t got no money, nigga
I just can’t sit still, I’m a fuckin’ money getter (Yeah)
I speak facts, bitches copy, no printer (What?)
Keep this shit boilin’, never let the beat simmer
Mugler on my ass (Yeah)
Pants too tight, I can’t even fit the racks (Yeah)
Only time I need a nigga when I need help with the bags
Thirty-K in one store, Curry with the fashion (What?)
Pockets big and fat like it’s new Yeezy GAP fit (Uh-huh)
Pink Balenciaga Croc boots like Patrick (What?)
Niggas old news, had to leave ’em in the past tense (Huh?)
“Rico, how you feelin’?” Ho, I’m feeling like that bitch
I feel so cute when he spend a bag on me
I feel so cute, took yo’ nigga and his homie
I been servin’ looks, I don’t ever need tips
If you don’t like me, you can suck two dicks
I feel so cute when he spend a bag on me
I feel so cute, took your nigga and his homie
I been serving looks, all hits, I don’t miss
If you don’t like me, you can suck on this
[Outro: Rico Nasty]
This, suck on this
This for my bad bitches (Bitch, Rico)
And bitch niggas only (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh)
This for my money getters and big steppers
My pretty strippers only
Rico, Rico


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