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BabyTron – Waffle House

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[Verse 1: BabyTron]
If we catch him out of town, gon’ rearrange his rental
Speedracin’ in these Christian Loubies, finna paint the pedal (Phew)
Pray to God, but when it’s time to send a hit, I gotta pay the devil

[Verse 2: Prince Jefe & Beno]
Shoot her baby daddy in the mouth, rearrange his dental (Pew, pew, pew)
I ain’t got time to sit down, I sit ‘caine in rentals (Yeah)
Bitch, just give me the bank card, let’s make it simple (Let’s make it simple, Stupid Dog, I ain’t gon’ lie—)
SK on stage, used to play the pistol (Bitch)
And my young niggas kill you if we got an issue (On God)
Would’vе did it back then, but I’m thinkin’ bigger (Thinkin’ bigger)
Kick thе bitch out the car, she just lit a Swisher (Ho)
I’m a hall of fame jugger, you a Derek Fisher (Jugg)
Used to be the man back then, damn, what happened? (Right)

[Verse 3: Beno & Drego]
Uh, gotta watch out for these niggas tryna backstab me
Uh, and got the headshot last night, she said, “Cash App me”
And my bitch got a loose dub in her Gucci fanny
And she popped two RP twenties, she don’t fuck with Xannies
Man, I just spent seventeen hundred on a fuckin’ hoodie
I’ll pull a hundred out, yop, in all twenties
He cap packin’ with the bag, he sellin’ all Cookie
If the dope route slow up, I’m sellin’ all Whoopi
And I’m on the block sellin’ ‘caine, totin’ fullies
Sippin’ champagne, rockin’ Rolexes, playin’ with your bitch pussy
Feelin’ on me all in the club, gave me a woody
Slidin’ down your block in a seventy-deuce cuddy
Rim blowin’ kisses, yeah, your bitch said she love me (Right)
You wonder why they call me unky?
Uh, ’cause I’m sellin’ all this smack to your favorite auntie
Uh, get it in by any means, I love them blue face hundreds
My fiend call, say, “Halloween,” when she want some pumpkins (Hello?)

[Verse 4: J1Hunnit]
I’m finna fly to the Sunshine State and spend loosely
I was somewhere servin’ California roll, good sushi
Bae, there go the pigs, can you put this in your coochie?
I can tell this cop ain’t lettin’ us go home, he look douchey
When the ‘bows touch down, we cause hell, Lil Boosie
Brodie gettin’ it off ice like Kristi Yamaguchi
The work off-white, the same color as Renni Rucci
Drop it in a pot and hit it two times like Toosie
[Verse 5: TrDee]
Heard they chillin’ in the house, tell them boys slide
Bitch pussy like a hellcat, I’m tryna joyride (Come here)
Caught dog chillin’ with his mans and they both died
Came back ballin’, Michael Jordan in the four-five
Sick I’m really runnin’ through these hoes, not the O-line
Glock’ll lift his ass up like a dumbbell
Last nigga tried the same thing, it ain’t go well (It didn’t)
I just touched down in LA, I feel like Odell (Touched down)

[Verse 6: RMC Mike]
I just caught an opp ass lackin’, nigga, oh well
I need some purple Actavis, fuck some Odell
Unky ass at that gas station makin’ blue sell
Five thousand dollar Gucci jacket with the coattail
Got ten bitches lined in one room, it’s a hotel
I be puttin’ ass to belt, come grab a whoopin’
I’m finna punk a nigga out, bitch, I’m Ashton Kutcher
Punch his ass out, I heard the nigga say, “Pass the Swisher’
Bitch, I’m up a half a ticket, you can ask my sister
I think we up ten, it’s a blowout
Drink a six raw, hit the stage, time to show out
Me, BabyTron, Drek, and Beno bring the hoes out
Palm Angel Moncler collab when it’s snow out

[Verse 7: Babyfxce E]
Damn, it’s too much pop in this cup, pour some more out
I be chillin’, I don’t really like to go out
Nigga asked did I have some weed, I whipped the ‘bow out
A bitch tried to plug me with her friend, I knocked ’em both down
Ridin’ ’round Flint in this striker, this bitch a ghost town
I used to have no money, I’m wearin’ thousand dollar coats now
TRX truck in both lanes, you can’t go around
If you ain’t know I was the hardest youngest nigga out, I bet you know it now
Cup so dirty, spilled it in my bed and caught a ringworm
Shop slappin’, we done saw more dopeheads than Weed Firm
Bitch sucked the dick for so long, I made her knees burn (Stupid Dog, I ain’t gon’ lie, this bitch hard)
I’ll never do no motherfuckin’ label, make a fiend work
[Verse 8: StanWill]
Huh? Dog shit to my ear, I can’t hear shit
All these horses in the whip, I can’t steer this
Ice chunk buffalos with the clear tints
If they don’t see us gettin’ pape’, then them bitches blind
Whole lot of Lab shit, watch the pendant shine
Swimmin’ in that deep end, keep a fishin’ rod
AMG 550 with your bitch inside

[Verse 9: BabyTron]
Got a case of the— and some ‘bows, lookin’ like I’m servin’
I just cut into this bitch so deep, I’m lookin’ like a surgeon
Dickies Supreme collab, lookin’ like I’m workin’
Outer space off— I ain’t really feelin’ like an earthling (Yoom)
Swing the McLaren, catch me hoppin’ out
If it ain’t about a dollar, it ain’t shit to squabble ’bout
Three-seven of Guava Gelato, I got some cotton mouth
Every time I located the bag, I went and got in route
It’s the mud I got it out (Brrt)
Sippin’ oz by the case like, shit, it’s not a drought
Cuddy, he gon’ knock him out, so tell your mans to watch his mouth
Blowed as hell, I’m the type to order pancakes when I’m walkin’ in the Waffle House (Skrrt)

[Outro: BabyTron]
Bitch, ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, you know what the fuck goin’ on


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