bag or die by ​ MUSIC VIDEO

bag or die LYRCIS by ​bbno$:
[Instrumental intro]

[Spoken intro]
Tonight we party, my

Sip out ice cup, I like tequila, damn this shit tasty
[?] pink beanie
I feel like my life is a movie, damn it’s too easy
Can’t catch me on [?] it’s bag or die
[Verse 1]
Seven gold chains on me, call me Slick Rick
Just made an album [?]
Boobies goin’ up and down, she’s fit
Hold up, wait, rewind that shit
Got uncut gems, Adam Sandler
She a vegan, she got a thigh gap
[?] smell like lialac
I’ma cash rap, always do a buyback
Down payment on a whole metropolis
On my healthy cereal, monogamous
She a turkey on my dick, she gobblin’
Sold out every show on evеry continent
I don’t know where I got my confidеnce
Half of [?]

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