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BIG30 – Protest

Protest by BIG30 MUSIC VIDEO

Protest LYRCIS by BIG30:
See I’ll really (Blrrrd) get on some (KJ let the beat knock) fuck everybody shit nigga, any (Blrrrd, blrrrd) nigga can get it, nigga
I don’t wanna hear (Blrrrd) shit, nigga, (Blrrrd) I don’t wanna talk (Blrrrd, blrrrd), I ain’t never wanna talk, nigga
And you know we stand on all ten, step with a motor, nigga
And they know I’ll feet hurt nigga, free my nigga
Blrrrd, blrrrd

[Verse 1]
Aye, blrrrd
Them members ain’t duckin’ no rep (No rep)
Ain’t no way you looking for me, catch me where your ho at (Your ho at)
Forty bottles sent to my section, that got your ho wet (On God)
And that’s just to pop shit while I sip Wock’ po’ out the Moët (On God)
Ayy, where that dope at? (That pack)
I been that nigga back in school, fucked my teacher at fourteen (At fourteen)
Don’t give no fuck about no ho, nod off quick and I slow text (Facts)
Can’t just say you my bitch first the hoe gotta pass thе throat test (The throat test)
Stеady screaming, “Free Shiesty”, like I’m tryna start a protest (Lil’ protest)
Don’t try me I come from that block (That block)
Hey, my name BIG30, but I tote nothin’ less than 60 shots (That Glock)
I just hit ’em with the switch, don’t touch that (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd), boy that glizzy hot
Caught a backshot from that Drac’, know them 6.2’s left that boy pissy hot (He hot)
Poured a eight with Uncle Dre (Wock’, Wock’, Wock’, Wock’), but I call that boy Uncle Drank
Bought all the Bape in the store ’cause I buy a pint everyday (Wock’, Wock’)
What’s a hunnid’ racks times thirty? The answer in my bank (It is)
Ain’t never need a gang just to turn up by myself I’ma crank (Them M’s)
Ayy, blrrrd (Blrrrd), by myself I’ma crank (Crank)
Ain’t never needed gang for shit, by myself I’ma blank (I’ma blank)
Nigga say I’m a walking lick, try your luck with a tank (I bet you ain’t)
‘Cause I’ma blow that’s off the rip (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd), turn your ass to some dank
[Verse 2]
Hit a nigga block walk down on a nigga (Walk, walk, walk), big .308, put a switch on a nickel (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
And I be on the block with them pounds dismiss ’em, twenty racks on your head, BIG30 gonna get him (Go get ’em)
A whole lot of money and a whole lot of killers (Big killers)
A whole lot of bodies big nuts big pistol (No pistol)
Turn ’em to a pack, throw the gun in the river, add a nigga to the sco’ (Aye), that was us we killed ’em (Let’s go)
Bitch, we trap hard, we ain’t doing no fraud (No way)
Crack me a four four I crack me a card (Okay)
Shiesty on the way and he coming out hard (Blrrrd, on the way)
Nigga play crazy and he back on the yard (On the yard)
Free Murda Murda, he rockin’ the pod (The pod)
Shank in his draw, so it’s shots in the pod (On God)
Got a choppa that’s louder than Nene (Blrrrd), but that ho (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd) the same size as the lil’ rod

(KJ let the beat knock)
Big Blrrrd
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd


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