She’s Always Dancing by MUSIC VIDEO

She’s Always Dancing LYRCIS by Bladee:
She’s on her one searching something
But I’m not saying that I want it
But our worst times took everything
Oh, words can’t describe her eyes
She, oh, is so beautiful
Oh, words can’t describe her eyes, her eyes

We share the feather in this life
Sliding up so remember tonight
Who am I?
I am not, I stand nothing
I might be forever fried but at least I tried
It goes around in a vicious cycle, we like it

The way she’s dancing
Am I hallucinating?
It seems that she’s fading away
Ooh, the way she’s dancing
Feels like I’m hallucinating
It seems like she’s fading away, ‘ay

You wouldn’t listen
Like a stupid fuck
Look at you now

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