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Brandon Heath – He Is Not Worried

He Is Not Worried by MUSIC VIDEO

He Is Not Worried LYRCIS by Brandon Heath:
Forget counting sheep
Can’t go to sleep
Thunder and lightning beat down on the street
Reluctantly walking downstairs
I know he’s still up down there

Reading his bible
At the kitchen counter
Like only a watchman would do at this hour
Says come over here little man
With a warm glass of milk in his hand

And if he’s not worried
Then I’m not worried
I lean on him like a rock
I know that nothing can hurt me

Steady and stable
Stubbornly faithful
Man of his word and he’s worthy
Patient and not in a hurry
And he is not worried

He is not worried

Never expected
He’d be here forever
Guess I just thought we would grow old together
He’d see my kids and he’d say
I told you you’d turn out okay

But he leans in to whisper
It’s okay to be sad
This won’t change a thing
I’ll always be your dad
I held on tight as I prayed
He said son you know I’m not afraid

So when I get a little restless
With the storms of the world
And I’m up praying in the kitchen
For my own two little girls
I won’t let fear take hold of my hope
Not in my house or my heart cause I know

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