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Brandon Lake – Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes by MUSIC VIDEO

Almond Eyes LYRCIS by Brandon Lake:
Almond Eyes
Beaming through the crowd like piercing bright blue lights
A glow like angels, girl you had me hypnotized
I could never look away

And our first kiss
Something changed this foolish kid into a man
Things I prayed for my whole life now all make sense
This is what I was made for

If only time could slow down
I wish that time would slow down

Almond eyes
Our boys look just like you when you make them smile
We prayed for wild boys and boy, did we get wild
But I would never change a thing, yeah

Except that time could slow down
I wish that time would slow down

‘Cause why does time keep on giving?
But time keeps on ripping me apart

I’ve learned to cherish every moment
‘Cause moments don’t slow down to please the heart
That’s what makes it hard

Almond eyes
The last the thing that I pray to see before I die
Until we get to meet again
In paradise
I’ll never have to look away

‘Cause that’s when time will

Finally, time will


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