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CAIN – Keep Following

Keep Following by MUSIC VIDEO

Keep Following LYRCIS by CAIN:
When you met Jesus
Times were easy
Walking closer every day
But the days got longer
The nights got harder
Now you can’t even call His name

Hey, we’ve all been there
I’ve been there

Runnin’ outta road
Don’t know where to go
Let me tell you my friend
Keep following Jesus
Keep following Jesus
Take another step
Fix your eyes ahead
Hey, you’re doing alright
Keep following Jesus
Keep following Jesus

‘Tis so sweet to
Trust in Jesus
You can take Him at His word
Sweet surrender
It gets better as you go

I had to go there
To get here

When you wake in the morning
When you walk through the day
It’s always the right time
To call on His name
When you’re rejoicing (keep following)
When you’re in pain (keep following)
When you feel lost (keep following)
He’ll show you the way

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