All the Way from Atlanta by MUSIC VIDEO

All the Way from Atlanta LYRCIS by Charley Crockett:
[Verse 1]
I came here all the way from Atlanta
With nothing but losing to my name
I saw Shreveport through a window
Against a curtain made of pines
I was cryin’ when I made Dallas
So much you’d have thought it was rain

[Verse 2]
I pulled into the town of Amarillo
To buy myself a little bit of relief
I thought I saw her as I passed Gallup
Standing outside the El Rancho
But I was mistaken
My imagination was just playin’ tricks on me
[Verse 3]
It sure is awful hot here in
The land of the painted desert sky
Where they’re yet to discover or uncover the Dutchman’s gold
I hear tеll of a fountain in the Superstition Mountains
It’s a story that is very wеll told

[Verse 4]
I find myself crossing the great Mojave
Steady keeping the red and white lights company
She was born in Houston raised up in Tennessee
But she lived in Georgia with me
So if you see her would you please tell her
I’m all the way from Atlanta
I’m all the way from Atlanta
I cried all the way from Atlanta

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