Cowboy Candy by MUSIC VIDEO

Cowboy Candy LYRCIS by Charley Crockett:
[Verse 1]
You saw my photograph as you was walkin’ in
An invitation to the world I’m in
I’ve got my clean shirts starched up all brand-new
I’m ’bout to dosey because my bills are all due

Cowboy candy
Cowboy candy

[Verse 2]
So it’s cowboy candy when I get up
If they call my name, I hope I have enough
It’s sure to make my suffering just a disappear
And then you’ll see me smiling from ear to ear
Cowboy candy
Cowboy candy

[Verse 3]
I’m a long way from the promised land
Believe I once knew grace until it slipped my hand
So don’t slow down boys on account of me
I’m just another cowboy on a candy spree

Cowboy candy
Cowboy candy

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