Foreign Music Lyrics Chris Tomlin – Crown Him

Chris Tomlin – Crown Him

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Crown Him LYRCIS by Chris Tomlin:
Crown Him with many crowns
The King who left His throne
Creator of the universe
Born to the world He holds
And with that first drawn breath
The Word has become flesh
Emmanuel has come to us
O crown Him, all the earth

Crowned by the angel choir
They tell His royal birth
Sing glory in the highest height
And peace upon the earth
They break the silent night
Announcing endless worth
The King of grace and love is here
O crown Him all the world

Crowned by their royal gifts
Gold frankincense and myrrh
Wise men approach this manger throne
With honors from afar
Behold the Son of God
And bow down in this place
The Prince of Peace has come to us
O crown Him with your praise

Crown Him with many crowns,
The Lamb upon His throne.
Hark! how the heavenly anthem drowns
All music but its own.
Awake, my soul, and sing
God sent His Son for me
Now hail Him as thy matchless King
Through all eternity

Crown Him, Crown Him, Crown Him with many crowns
Crown Him, Crown Him, Crown Him with many crowns

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