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Chris Tomlin – His Name Is Wonderful

His Name Is Wonderful by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

His Name Is Wonderful LYRCIS by Chris Tomlin:
Come see the baby
Crib for a bed
His mother Mary
Lay down His sweet head
The starlight was shining
The wise men were led
Come see the baby
And worship Him

His name is Wonderful Counselor
Mighty God, Prince of Peace
Everlasting Father
Holy One, Son of God

Charity Gayle – You Have Made Me Glad

Come and adore Him
On bended knee
He came to ransom
Someone like me
What could I offer
What could I bring
Come and adore Him
King of Kings

And The greatness of his reign will never end
Let there be peace on earth
And all goodwill to men
Come let us worship Him


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