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Fame LYRCIS by Dax:


They been watching and looking right through a peephole
claim fame is nice so ima need some insurance on it so I can get half of what it equals
The other half incase I turn evil
is reparations
For the mislead people
I never meant to do that but in between the alcohol and shows and couple of bad hoes
I may of fell a little bit off track
See I was never meant to fall in line
Every track was a stand
I don’t walk left right unless we talking bout a marching band
The head space that I’m in got these people looking at me like a Martian man they tried to butter me up, margarin
said my soul was the cost to trend and my consciousness, and as a result
I Eint neva fucking picking up the call again
I don’t give a fuck what you say I Eint neva gon change bitch I came and I did it my way
I got crowd packed screaming words back saying every time I hit the ghat damn stage
Pussy you eint gonna touch what I made
Don’t you ever try to say that you know or you feel my pain
We are not the same
I’m off the chain
I’m in the storm
But meant to reign
And I Eint fucking wit bad vibez
is an American past time
Blowing up on deFeet like a landmine
So don’t ever ask why I’m the bad guy cuz that’s what happens when you’re something they can’t find
As I look into my eyes and pass by the mirror lies I see someone broken inside that hides as the fame deprives but helps build the life that they all define as one of a kind

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