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Dj Booker & NLE Choppa – Big Homie

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Say what, I got stick on me (Stick on me)
I’m too big for a big homie
Pour the potty, I got this shit on me, yeah
Off the molly, she gon’ get on it
Shit, without the molly, she gon’ spit on it
I make a shit, eat a eat dick
Toss a peck like a motherfuckin’ flea flick
I got model bitches sendin’ me feet pics

[Verse 1]
I drag on a broke hoe, I drag on a broke hoe
Got a boatload of it
Had to block the bitch, she just told me that she love me
Trippin’ that skeezer, barely what I want, but she sayin’ that I need her Know I keep it P, but the P ain’t for pleaser
Big booty, ugly bitch, she comin’ like a Madea
Damn, I’ma hit her anyway
I forget chop for this bitch, here ‘K
Hit her one time, one time to get away (Brrt)
Like a booty how I make the block shake

Shake, shake, shake

[Verse 2]
Strippers gettin’ down (Down), hoes gettin’ tossed (Tossed)
Caught him out of bounds, chillin’ in a loft (Brrt)
Hoes comin’ in, lotta hoes comin’ out
Said she from the north, she goin’ down south (South)
Open up your mouth, don’t need your panties to come off
Know just what I’m on, I ain’t tryna bone
Bitch, just give me dome if you don’t we sent you home
Yo, all that got that shit on it
I’m too big for a big homie
Fuck your dead brother, grape, piss on him (Piss)
Fuck that, we take shit on him
Look like a lick she got her tongue on it (Tongue on it)
Know you taste it, ’bout to rock on it
She suck the Dove soap off the dick, (What?) she suck the Dove soap off the dick
She your bitch but she my sneaky link
She say your dick be like a rinky dick
Give to her, pi-pipe it up (Pound town)
Love me but she don’t like you much, damn
That shit hurt, doesn’t it? 9 to 5, work a bitch
Make her eat dick all day and then give her double, man
Did it, after double treat, double bitches, fucking me
Favorite number told him three, three
Three way, we gotta do it my way, easy
Say he smokin’ on my dog, kill him, Ween Jeezy
Too big for a big homie, the big homies need me


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