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Dr Paul Enenche – My Life Is Hid

My Life Is Hid by Dr Paul Enenche MUSIC VIDEO

My Life Is Hid LYRCIS by Dr Paul Enenche:
[Verse 1]
My life is hid inside of Christ in God
My faith is in the living Word of God
My destiny cannot be aborted
My hope in God can’t be in vain

Oh Lord my God
You are my Confidence
My Solid Rock and my Refuge in need
On You I stand in all circumstances
You never fail
So I can’t fail

[Verse 2]
I am inscribed inside the Palms of God
My whole life is right in the Hands of God
No force on earth can pluck me from His Hands
I have no need to fear no foe

[Verse 3]
I am the apple of the Eyes of God
I am His precious piece of creation
No power of hell can devalue my life
I cannot run the race in shame.


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