ALBUM: First Aid Kit - Palomino | Zip + Lyrics

  • Artist:
  • Album Title: Palomino
  • Genre: Pop
  • Runtime: 11 Songs, 38 Minute

Swedish folk duo consisting of the sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg release a new live album titled “Palomino” Zip Album, this album features many other artist.

Palomino ALBUM by which contains 11 tracks in total is now available for streaming and downloading on Itunes and all digital stores nationwide

Below are The List Of Palomino Album Track available for Download along with the lyrics of each song

1. First Aid Kit – Out of My Head DOWNLOAD HERE
2. First Aid Kit – Angel DOWNLOAD HERE
3. First Aid Kit – Ready to Run DOWNLOAD HERE
4. First Aid Kit – Turning Onto You DOWNLOAD HERE
5. First Aid Kit – Fallen Snow DOWNLOAD HERE
6. First Aid Kit – Wild Horses II DOWNLOAD HERE
7. First Aid Kit – The Last One DOWNLOAD HERE
8. First Aid Kit – Nobody Knows DOWNLOAD HERE
9. First Aid Kit – A Feeling That Never Came DOWNLOAD HERE
10. First Aid Kit – 29 Palms Highway DOWNLOAD HERE
11. First Aid Kit – Palomino DOWNLOAD HERE


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