Frank Edwards – Happiness

    Happiness by Frank Edwards MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

    Happiness LYRICS by Frank Edwards:
    Me already know say (I already know and say that) happiness is key
    And you already know say (that) worry worry cannot change a thing
    That’s why the Bible tell me, say in every situation
    Say make I praise praise, praise
    Say when you see me dance, e be like say na craze (Do not say I’m crazy)
    I dey dance like David (I am dancing like David)
    Lord I thank you for the love, the life, protection, and salvation

    Refrain 1:
    Why you love me this o (Oh, why do you love me like this?)?
    Tell me, why you love me like this o?
    Abeg, leave me make I dance (Please let me dance)
    Every time you see me dancing
    This and everywhere, come dance with me
    Every time you see me smiling
    I just wanna make you smile too

    Refrain 2:
    As you dey dance, make you carry (As you dance, may you carry)
    Favor, blessings, grace, miracles
    Favor o, blessings, grace, miracles
    Anything wey (that) you want
    Blessings, grace, miracles
    Make you carry favor, blessings, grace, miracles

    When dey fire fire (When they fire (at me))
    My God just dey cover cover (My God will cover me)
    Everything dem do, e dey bounce back (Everything they do bounces back)
    Na God dey play my soundtrack (It is God who plays my soundtrack)
    Na Baba God be okaka (It is God the Father who is great)
    Na Him dey make me call Him my Papa (It is Him that let me call Him my Father)
    Each and everyday you make me wonder wonder
    You no dey play me wayo (You do not play me false/ defraud me)
    Poverty go low low low
    Sickness go low low low
    God you love, me love me

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