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Gary LeVox – We Got Fight

We Got Fight by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

We Got Fight LYRICS by Gary LeVoxWe ain’t got much where I come from
We all work hard don’t bet on good luck
Ain’t no easy street just some gravel and a blacktop
And we hold on to oh everything we got

We got grit, we got guts
We got pride , we got tough
Aint no givin’ up runnin’ through our veins
Backs to the wall we’ll find a way
Never say quit never say die
Play a little rough
You’re daggone right
Oh knock us down
We’ll come back everytime
Yeah, we got fight

We don’t bark much We just hang tight
Sometimes the underdogs got the baddest bite
Its how we were born how we were raised
From our boots to our last names

Oh fire us up don’t count us out
‘cause we got fight
Dust of your hats for one more round
Yeah, we got fight


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