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​glass beach – coelacanth

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“And we act like artists like, like, Banksy or like artists who do-
Or like how Unus Annus has- they made these videos for a year then deleted it from their YouTube channel now, like
And like all this temporary art is celebrated as like, as like, it’s like
‘Oh, they did it because it’s, you know, like, it’s, it’s destroyed once it’s like done.’
It’s like, it’s like, first off, it’s not really destroyed because someone’s ripped all those like YouTube videos
Someone has a picture of that Banksy piece, like
It’s not like- there’s several things about it
But here’s what interests me more:
What about the artists who did that?
If- Or like, like, captured it, y’know
Cause it’s not like it’s a new concept, y’know
Or like, uh-
If- If it-”

[Verse 1]
The ghost rots away
In the embrace
Of its own gaze
In automatic cycles and habits
Paper the mirrors, closed eyes see clearer
Die cut my shadow into the drywall
Ego at half-mast, gas masks and hazmats
Chemical war

[Verse 2]
Children were singing
Animals bleating
Markets and town square
In dissonant fanfare
Laughs at the gallows
A truce in the trenches
Guards at the fences
Saying “all that you’re seeking won’t be found here”


Goodbye, mayfly
Fly from still water
How long I have loved you
How long have I loved you?
Goodbye, mayfly
Call it a bad dream
How long I have loved you
How long have I loved you?

Skin to walk into
Warm blood to fill you
A heart with a glass door
All that you asked for
From family nexus to family nexus
Vox populi, vox dei
Held like a headwound
Violence will free you
Heart with a glass door
All that you asked for, coming to you


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