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​glass beach – cul-de-sac

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[Verse 1]
Every single day, circling a cul-de-sac
Alligator eyes staring out of storm drains
Walking in your wake, circling the refrain
“I know it’s not gonna last.”

[Verse 2]
So ease your bellyache, occupy your fever dreams
Your disembodied voice still blaring from a TV screen
“The modern Earth was born in a two-car garage”
“I know it’s not gonna last.”

Let it fall from your grasp
Half asleep, foraging
Silver screens for a dream
That we aimlessly reenact
Only now every town is the same town
Every doomsday cult pleading we’ve gone off track

We’re circling a cul-de-sac

[Verse 3]
The new age cut their hair
Found eternity in crypto mines
The new age cut their hair
Sincerity is anodyne
The desert of the real was overcast by its map
“I know it’s not gonna last.”

[Verse 4]
I want to be your TV Girl
Plastic-wrapped on bladderwrack
To find a stable plot
Across the rotting corpse of god
Ghosts of the past, living just to react
“I know we’re not gonna last.”
Little foal in the grass
In your youth, in a fugue
Sigil signs in hexadecimal hues
Your view will never stand beside of the fact
All your love, went away
All the mayflies died in a day

Your autumn will pass
Your moonlight will wane and wax


Circling a cul-de-sac
Circling a cul-de-sac
Circling the refrain
“I know it’s not gonna-”


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