Never Tried by MUSIC VIDEO

Never Tried LYRCIS by Hayden Forbes:
[Verse 1: Hayden Forbes & Emm K]
Friend of a friend, high-school roll call
Pure nirvana, young love had no faults
Snow (Ooo)
Falls (Ooo)
Introduced to you in the evening
Planned it all out day by day
Snapshots of moments had changed my ways
Time blinded by our adolescence
We’re restless instrumentalists
Cruisin’ all alone
No ride or die, I was doing fine
Took me by surprise, when I saw your eyes (your eyes)
Sunshine beamin’ through the empty sky
(Through the empty sky)
You said “Hi nice to meet you, how you doin’ today?”
And I said “Doin’ great, don’t mean to be in your way”
Maybe I should ask her out, there’s no one else by my side
Who knows how well it’ll go, won’t know if I never try
[Verse 2: Emm K & Hayden Forbes]
Our laughter cut through the moonlight
Strangers feelin’ so right
I was looking for love in an empty place
Out of a shadow, I saw your face
Didn’t have to fake who I was
I was wild and you didn’t make a fuss
Only knew you for a second
Time multiplies in the space you found me in
If you hand me a shovel, I’d dig the grave
Bury the secrets we’d share and take
And you said “21st Century Bonnie and Clyde”
And I said “I just want a happy ending where one dies”
If the closet skeletons come alive
No regrets and we can’t say we never tried

[Interlude 1: Hayden Forbes]
You know
Sometimes you need to take a closer look at everything
Those other times
The message is right there

[Verse 3: Hayden Forbes & Emm K]
Is this a love letter or a goodbye?
Coulda, shoulda, woulda is stuck in my mind
I’m feeling conflicted
I’m a victim of love
You were the angel but the Devil sent the dove
My heart was racin’, a different kind of pacin’
You clipped the butterfly wings
The songbird’s been caged, been quiet all-day
You don’t know the trouble I’m facin’
It’s now 18 months in
(18 months in)
A self-made ultimatum I was in
(Ultimatum I was in)
Am I about to our future, the one that we’ve crafted?
But I need the freedom from the things that have happened
You said “We can make this work, this can’t be it”
And I said “Delusion doesn’t excuse your fits”
Findin’ truth in these lies to find that you’ve crossed a line
I’m feelin’ in the end that we should’ve never tried
[Verse 4: Emm K & Hayden Forbes]
Bring me back to teenage bliss
Where nothing really mattered except lies and our first kiss
The mind is a powerful thing
I convinced myself you were the one for me
Opposites don’t attract
In my head, I want you back
I shoved the barrel of the gun in my open wound
To stop the bleeding of the bullet that you chose to shoot
Let me ask you somethin’ now:
If you drain my heart, how will I love you?
You said “No more second chances, the clock has run out”
And I said “Someday, one day, another cliche”
These tears that I cry
Could we go back in time?
Won’t know if we never try

[Interlude 2: Hayden Forbes]
You know
It might not be the easiest to move on
But that’s the adult thing to do
Sometimes you just need closure

[Verse 5: Hayden Forbes]
Dear Brittany
It’s May 28th, 11:37 PM and
My mind is racin’, I don’t know where to begin
Feelin’ all this rage from videos that I’m seein’
You take my breath away?
I didn’t hold it from the beginnin’
And to be honest, it was great at the start
Inseparable, that’s true
Practically lived with each other until about June
Of 2019, that’s when it took a turn for the worst
The months leading up had never been better, trust me
Don’t think it was exactly easy for me to pick and just leave
Cause I’ll admit, I cried, it was hard for me too
I had to put on a mask in order to get me through
When it happened, I wanted to make amends
You didn’t want me to leave, you wanted to stay
But I couldn’t take text after text sayin’ that I should get back with my ex
It was causing me stress
(It was causing me stress)
Cause I put in the effort, it was me, not you
Don’t wanna exaggerate, it felt like a classic case
Of reasonable versus a psychotic basket case
And we split, I said I needed to figure some things out
Cause I was mentally torn, worn down by your toxicness that this brings out
(This brings out)
And now lookin’ back, I was foreshadowed by “Jazz”
Track 3, Mercury, reenactin’ “Jealousy”
Nice try in stoppin’ me
But I knew when it was time for me to pack it all up to leave man
[Interlude 3: Hayden Forbes]
And I was out
Just like that, I was gone
It was a slow burn
I felt it was the best choice for me
I had to put myself first in this position
And then I go online and she’s makin’ up these lies
Just imagine starin’ at your phone and then you see

[Verse 6: Hayden Forbes]
How nowadays you sit online and play the victim position
Unfortunate, cause it was actually flipped
You played the heartbreak card, said you’d never recover
The reality’s you found another in a couple of minutes
So here it is, here’s your song
You wanted this for a long time
But I just find the right words
For the wrong lines
And after a while, I never really felt connected or accepted
A frostbitten heart you gave me, made me feel neglected
I said “I don’t know how much longer that I could go”
And you said, “My bar for men now is so, so low!”
Yet I don’t mean to tease, that’s just the pettiness in me
Now that’s a two-way street, I see the words that you bring
(Words that you bring)
It’s feelin’ kinda hypocritical how each other acts
Coupled individuals who stab the other’s back
And it’s a matter of fact, I won’t return to you now
I gotta look for the thing that Lesley Duncan lays down
A love song that’s for anyone, but inspired by our times
Of she who said I was her Jim but I only cut ties
Back then it was a pair that’s best
A young trumpeteer and a clarinet
Gettin’ crocodile tears when you claimed that you loved me
But what we had couldn’t grow if you were never trusting
We had some great times Brito, I’m not gonna lie
But I think we’d be better off now if we never tried

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