Seaside by MUSIC VIDEO

Seaside LYRCIS by Hayden Forbes:
A duck who needs no introduction
Bro this sounds like some Wii Play music though

Here I go, the revival of boom-bap
A sorta freestyle to get y’all askin’ “who’s that?”
Let me introduce myself: I’m your new favorite artist
An 18-year-old who’s starvin’ to be a part in
The new gen of kids who tell the critics they can suck it
Now that Dabby Duck has hit me with a super sick production
Listen, the beat goes in, know I’m a shoo-in
Congrats you found this treasure from the underwater ruins
It’s like
I might have to do it to ya, but trust the shooter
Feel the pain or the anchor pull you underwater
No scuba
Or a rendezvous uh
Might never contemplate what you feel inside
(Shoutout to Queen man)
Since this musical pride was alive, blew trumpets, alarming tunes
Made me loud to silence the crowd, straight up harmon you
The rappers who egos are a “lil” too big
And give the wrong visual ethos, it’s super stupid
Abscised content, they can’t tell though
Plagiarized songs and it shouldn’t sell bro
So I push them to their boiling point, 212
Then they get all annoyed like a New York dude
It’s time to focus on the rhythm, you better get that
All your songs are the same, you better switch that
Look at the music out now, you see where it’s at?
Can’t listen to these albums, so all I do is just skip tracks
Man, I’m just havin-
I’m just havin’ way too much fun here
Took so many breaks writin’ this
Could only do it relaxed
But I’m easily heated
Though you can see that
That’s why I take a breather
Take a breather
Smellin’ sea salt
Now I write in leisure
Write in leisure
Here’s my result:
A Musician’s Nature, it’s got strong songs throughout it
Any track I seem to fumble, I threw out it
But with this newfound bliss, the album’s doin’ fine
I’m sure that the fans will have a classic on their hands
I wouldn’t trade this for the world
And that’s the truth
Finishin’ a song’s a sweet home run
Like a Baby Ruth
So look for ya pride
Shoot for the sky
Do it or die
It’s in your roots to decide
Just give that a thought
Cause in this quest for some love
Sit back while watchin’ the tide
Forgot about your problems, chillax while sittin’ at the seaside
Seriously I sit here and I overthink everything
So right now I’m just gonna
I don’t know
Thanks for lettin’ me dive in
Pass it around, radio plays to make it diamond
This relaxin’ boom-bap for you to do that
Take away the stress from your tests and assignments
This was nothin’ serious
Just somethin’ for when you look for
A vibe, point to this and say “That’s that”
But it’s time for me to go, no worries tho
I’ll BRB
I’m bringin’ rap back!
I love y’all

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