SnowBanks by MUSIC VIDEO

SnowBanks LYRCIS by Hayden Forbes:
[Verse 1: Hayden Forbes]
Past month 11, stranger things
After fall, before the spring
Young and fun, do anything
Now I’m grown up, how can it be?
(Man it sucks)
Who would’ve thought after all the times I’d explore
I’d be stuck up in the floor
Seeming to need more
Playing a keyboard
With feelings that he poured cause
This makes me scream Lord
“Is this an evil scheme or…?”
Is it my own admission?
Now I don’t wanna seem sappy
It’s just that it’s easy to smile
But it’s harder to be happy
(Man it sucks)
Wish I could take a time machine back, so as an adult I could finally know
How I used to find bliss, without music like this
Just let my cares go, laying in the snow
[Chorus 1: tabita rotondi & Hayden Forbes]
Now I’m layin’ in the snow
Just thinkin’ about my life
Tryna let my cares go
But my thoughts are too loud
(Man it sucks)
All I can think of
Are the hurt and my pain
Things I lost along the way
Left behind in my past
Now I’m here by myself
Feeling kinda down
Don’t know how to cope
Overthinking everything
All that I ask
Is some peace for my soul
While I’m laying here alone
Drownin’ thoughts in the snow

[Verse 2: Hayden Forbes]
Now I remember when I would go out at recess and see all the snow plowed to the grass line
My and I would go out on so many adventures
Power Rangers, Dragons ’til class time
(Man it sucks)
Now I guess I’m already in all of this debt?
As a senior, I’m not even in college for another few months
Can’t go back, it was what it was
Thought I was strong like a mighty oak, now I’m too stumped
Got to give the government credit though
(Credit though, credit though)
Don’t start
Cause I’m being literal
(Literal, literal)
Gonna die broke like Mozart
(Man it sucks)
That’s classical, quite interesting
Did you get the joke, too time investing?
You know what? Just doesn’t matter anymore
Time to grow older and see what is in store
[Chorus 2: tabita rotondi]
Now I’m layin’ in the snow
Just thinkin’ ‘bout my life
Tryna let my cares go
Feeling broken inside
Is it too much to ask
For some peace for my soul
While I’m laying here alone
Getting lost in the snow?

[Bridge: with tabita rotondi & Provost]
(Oh, oh, oh)
Take me back, take me back, take me back
How can I feel guilty sayin’ that?
(Oh, oh, oh)
How can I feel guilty sayin’ that?!
(Oh, oohhh, oohhh)
C’mon man, that’s what you wanted the most!
Maybe it’s time to move on
I’ve been nostalgic for too long
(Oh, oohhh, oh, oohhh)
Time to go work on a new song
Cause I’ve been nostalgic for too long
(Oh, oohhh, oohhh)

[Verse 3: Hayden Forbes]
Now I’m movin’ out, house is bare
Cleanin’ out my closet, where’s my snare?
I remember so much
But now I don’t seem to care
(Man it sucks)
Back then the lights were on
Mom says it’s time for me to rest
Instead, I’m up all night
Listenin’ to “Bennie and the Jets”
Look for somethin’, but nothin’!
Who needs a rhyme anymore?
(Anymore, anymore)
But then there’s a glisten of hope
A snowflake fell, couldn’t grasp what I was seein’
Had my head in the clouds too long, I gasp at the sight
It was so relievin’
I never had faith for the aether
Or somethin’ to truly believe in
But now I know that snow angels can really defeat the cold-hearted demons
[Outro: Hayden Forbes, tabita rotondi, & Provost]
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oohhh, oohhh
Oh, oohhh, oh, oohhh

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