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Jonathan Solomon – decentralize

decentralize by Jonathan Solomon MUSIC VIDEO

decentralize LYRCIS by Jonathan Solomon:
He said, “My son, I’ve shown you how to decentralize yourself from the story
You need reminders of My glory, things that your pupils never got to embrace
But you know of because you know Me
Free souls that were ransomed by My descent
Rent paid every month by My blood
But they were owned by someone new
Missionaries that didn’t have the chance to participate in your purpose is popular culture
No one gave them applause
Freedom fighters that loved the Lord
Who didn’t feel the embrace of your back pats
They only had one person they wanted to impress and they did that
Remember them
How often with Me they’d visit
No digits needed, they’d call on Me
Whether serene spirit or livid history books
Don’t have a home for them
But they were cool with that because I did
Heaven was their prosperity and I was their prize
Their focal point
They didn’t need Earth to know who they were
It was enough that I did
So stop looking in the mirror
And in their eyes, trying to find fulfillment that I already gave you
They don’t need to know you
Because it was never about you”


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