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Jonathan Solomon – richman

richman by Jonathan Solomon MUSIC VIDEO

richman LYRCIS by Jonathan Solomon:
Solomonettes, can you help me right here?
Oh, he doesn’t (Know what he says)
And no, he doesn’t (Care what he says)
And no, no, no, he doesn’t (Know that he’s wrong)
And no, he won’t show (Show that he’s lost)
He thinks that he’s (He thinks that he’s fine)
Oh ([?] alone)
(He walks away)
He has his own (Has his own [?])

[Verse 2]
Yeah, what would you do if your idols say
You’ll be renowned in all the Earth
And your name will be in stars
Oh, the rich man said
Hehe, now you’re talkin’
Let’s start today

Thank you, guys, so much
My name is Jonathan Somonon and these are The Solomonettes


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