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Joyner Lucas – Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose By Joyner Lucas MUSIC VEDIO

Duck Duck Goose LYRICS By Joyner Lucas:

Fuckin niggas talking ’bout, bitch? (Oh)
Before I made mills, they was hopin’ I fail, well, nigga, I’m poppin’ out, bitch
Hittin’ my stands, I still got your ho in my pants, like a pocket dial, bitch (Oh, oh, oh)
Stick to my plan, got plenty ammo in my van, I’m hoppin’ out, bitch
It done got a nigga started, I ain’t stoppin’ now, bitch
Can’t walk in my shoes, these crocodile, bitch
Bring smoke to you niggas, no black n’ milds, bitch
Fuck it, I’m blackin’ out, bitch
[Verse 1]
It’s the type of shit that make a nigga hide behind a heater
Type of shit that make a nigga aim the choppa out the Beamer (Oh, oh, oh)
Used to be the underdog, now I’m rockin’ out arenas
Everything I touch is water and I got it by the litre (Oh, oh)
This is not a Aquafina, this PH3
Tell your offsprings, I’m D-A-D (Boom, boom)
And your bitch say I’m her B-A-E
And I love it when she give me H-E-A-D
She know I’ma kill that C-A-T (Hey)
Bandana tied like P-A-C (Hey)
I don’t even get high off THC
I got a natural vibe, ADHD
I’ve been B-A-D since I was like two (Facts)
Nigga, I’m the truth
I put my life on it, I’ll die in the booth (Ayy)
Couldn’t touch me with a fly masseuse
Street nigga but I still look fly in a suit (Fly in a suit)
I’m the guy on the roof, I’m not a gangbanger, they lyin’ to you
I’m actually the guy that they hire to shoot (Bah, bah, yeah)
I’ve been dyin’ to shoot
I don’t like rules, I’m tired of rules
A presidential that’s how I introduce
Make one phone call, I fly in the troops (Yeah)

This a landmine, you gon’ die if you move (Yeah)
Duck, duck, goose, nigga, I’m the goose (Duck)
Duck, duck, goose, nigga, I’m the goose (Duck)


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