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JT Music – The Details in the Devil

The Details in the Devil By JT Music MUSIC VEDIO

The Details in the Devil LYRICS By JT Music:
[Intro: JT Music]
Take a peek behind the curtain at my grand design
Any less than picture perfect, and it’ll be cast aside
I’m so impatient for inspiration, my pen becomes the sword
Because I’ll scrap ya, if I have to go back to the drawing board
Some dreams are simply meant to die
What happens, if they get revived?

[Verse 1: JT Music]
You thought you could toss me out?
The ink ain’t even dry
I’m no good, so cross me out
And then we’ll dot some eyes
That’s a price all artists pay
A sacrifice (that’s so cliche)
But lightning struck, and I was born
The final cut just cut my cord
Your dark imagination
May be where demons hide
So why’d you ever blame them
When your pen brought them to life?
No, you can’t choose your family
At least not genetically
But I feel like we’ll be real quick friends
You brought me back, so don’t that make sense? (Oh, that makes sense!)
[Pre-Chorus 1: JT Music & Andrea Storm Kaden]
No, don’t you color me surprised
I only see in black and white
’Cause you can kill the show
It’ll always get revived

[Chorus 1: JT Music]
You made it happen, you made it real
When you imagined you gave us life and made us feel
Your thunder clapping, it’s getting real
So if you haven’t checked the forecast, the weather’s looking wet – I’ll take the wheel

[Verse 2: JT Music]
So what if I’m a little rough
Around the edges
I’m an unmade masterpiece
I keep artists on their ledges
This reboot might get messy
That’s why I’m sorta sketchy
I don’t dance obediently
The demon’s knees are far from Bendy
You made me in your image
So I lack a soul
Tryna wipe me from existence?
Go play whack a mole, oh
Too bad you can not erase me
That, in fact, is why you hate me
I’m your vision – bastardized
Like Frankenstein – then actualized
[Pre-Chorus 2: JT Music & Andrea Storm Kaden]
No, I won’t color you surprised
You pull the plug, I’m still alive
True artists never thrive
At best, they’ll survive

[Chorus 2: JT Music]
You made it happen, you made it real
Nobody’s acting, but it’s a show I’m gonna steal
Go call the cast in, I’ll play the heel
And if you haven’t read the details, the Devil’s due his debt, so take the deal

[Bridge: Andrea Storm Kaden]
I’ve been abominated, hollow eyes aglow
Reanimated, yet unrecognizable
No better way to paint it, this frame can not contain it
To think of talent wasted, out of ink – but now I taste it
La, la, la, la
Even angels need to let the steam off
La, la, la, la
And no one’s here to shut the damn machine off
This work of art once pure of heart
May still become corrupted (all the stains are my scars)
I’ve come to find it wasn’t lightning
That I’ve been struck with
[Chorus 3: JT Music]
You made it happen, you made it real
Lights, camera, action, you put me right back on the reel
Now look who’s laughing, your fate is sealed
Don’t bother asking for the details, the Devil’s due his debt and that’s the deal


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