Buga (Choir version) | Buga My Way by MUSIC VIDEO

Buga (Choir version) | Buga My Way LYRCIS by Kabusa Oriental Choir:
Wake up
All ye who sleep
For it is about time
You collect your money
Ooh you better get up on your feet now
You say

Ooh aah wake up
You say
Collect your money
Let me hear you now
Ooh way wake up
Say what
Collect your money
Say I know

I know dem no wan make to come my way
Hmm, they don’t gotta know,if they know
They no go let the money to come my way
What you gonna do
So I pray,make dem no hear say money don come my way

So we get wetin we wan do,when the money go come out way

Oh ye people
When they come your way
To take it away from you
He’s what you gonna say
O no no no no no
Come on

No shingba
Omo the money no dey no shingba
No shingba,I dey double hustle

You don work
You don try
You are supposed to jaiye
Kilokanmi kan persin papa
Wey don mad aaah

Can you land softly
On a so-fa note
do re mi fa so la ti do
Come on,let me see you

Go low low low
Let me see you
Go low low low
Buga won
Buga won

Come on let me see you
Go low low low
Let me see you
Go low low
Yeah let me
Buga won

I don’t think you are ready for this
ah 1, 2,3
Buga buga buga
Ooh aah wake up…..ooooh
Buga buga buga
Collect your money…..buga buuu
Collect your mone

In the morning,in the noon ,in the night , everyday
Money come my way
When I’m working
I’m not talking
I’m not balling
Money come my way
Now I do this


Come my way
Common let me see you buga
Go low low
Let me see you buga
Go low low
Money’s coming my way(all the way)
Go low low
Let me see you buga
Go low low
Buga buga buga buga buga
Go low low
(Say) money’s coming my way
Let me see you (go low low)
All over the world
Stand up and buga
Go low low

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