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Kanye West – Selfish

Selfish by Kanye West

Selfish by MUSIC VIDEO

Selfish LYRCIS by Kanye West:
I gotta put me first
I gotta put me first
I gotta put me first, Lucious
I understand that, and I promise you—

Selfish, I just want you all to my own
These **** days won’t leave me alone
Damaged by the fact I’m alone

[Verse: Kanye West]
I put me first
I put me first, Lucian
What was it worth?
What was it worth in the end?
It was just a purse
It was just a purse, then again
I never seen a purse
Get took as personal as this
Don’t make it worse
Don’t make it worse than what it is
I spent a church
I spent a church on a Benz
I lost my shirt
Least now, we playing shirts and skins
Shift to reverse
And then you skrrt off again
Lewinsky, treat mе like the Presidеnt
Don’t look at me like I need medicine
Don’t care what you heard
Don’t care what you heard, CNN
Even friends got a E-N-D at the end


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