KB – Dark Skin

    Dark Skin by KB MP3 MUSIC VIDEO ft. Black Violin

    Dark Skin LYRICS by KB:
    [Verse: KB]
    Dark skin, dark skin
    The world’s never preferred you
    Lost in the thought that
    In the sight of God, you’ve been gorgeous, sunkissed
    Never lighten your emojis
    No apologies for the image you were formed in
    That image is imported, yours the Lord’s gift
    Oh, yes, coarse hair, beautiful without that potion
    But I just saw my daughter
    Tryna scrub the black off her skin underwater
    Running from the sun, she ain’t tryna get darker
    Haunted, will anybody want her?
    ‘Cause they don’t want her for the role, they don’t want her for the show
    They’ll want her for the Vogue
    They’ll take her for the night, but they don’t want her for a home
    Uh, listen
    Bigger than the blacks in America
    Asian folks struggle with their skin that ain’t fair enough
    Moreno’s in South America declaring only barrier been buried by the cross that can carry us
    He will not ignore this, widow and the orphan
    Only true religion, you ain’t with it then you lost it
    Skin-bleaching cream is supreme in the poorest
    Gospel can erase all the color line drawing, yeah
    Lately, we been feelin’ it the hardest
    Dead in the street with a knee on his jaw and
    Never been a felon, but I’m treated like it often
    I don’t want to be a hashtag out joggin’
    Where can we take all the hate that we haulin’?
    Laws only help but they never could dissolve it
    We need to die and resurrect where the heart is
    On earth as it is in heaven only gonna solve it
    I am on my calling
    Support them, but my hope is not in law enforcements
    Stay the course, of course, and I don’t need endorsement
    Empowered young man, that’s a caution, caution
    I believe the power of the church and the Artist
    We the least expected, like a new apartment
    The Gospel’s more potent than they ever wanted
    The boat can’t be sunk when Jesus is sleepin’ on it, uh
    Church, are you hearin’ me?
    Invest in your neighbor, not conspiracies
    How you politicize the mouth of the reverend?
    Ain’t a left or a right side up in heaven, no
    Faith is where we stand up
    I pledge allegiance to the blood-stained banner
    Yes, I love America, but heaven is the standard
    Nations come and go, but His glory can’t be damaged, woo
    I say Jesus is the answer
    Do what He commands us
    And maybe for the first time, humble our pride, see the God that can mend us
    God, can you mend us?
    God can you mend us? Yeah
    Jesus is the answer

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