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Kirk Franklin – Interlude: The Verdict

Interlude: The Verdict by MUSIC VIDEO

Interlude: The Verdict LYRCIS by Kirk Franklin:
Ladies and gentlement we’re out in front of the Dallas county court house
Where the verses the state of the world case is about to
be anounced. They’re getting ready…yeah I think their getting ready to go into the court room.

Mr.Franklin, how can you say you promote christian values, when you associate with secular artists in the R&B Hip-hop world?

Here he comes! I cannot believe the controversy shrowding this man.

Mr. Franklin, is it not true that you’re not a christian artist but a secular artist posing as a christian artist?

Excuse me Mr.Franklin, RemCg His Work with Good Work missionary baptist church, Now I seen yo’ video, you won’t come and be doin that mess in my church. Get yo hand off me!

[Court man:]
Order in the court! Order in the Court!

Mr Franklin, in light of the fact that you’ve chosen to represent yourself in thise case, the court will attempt to show leniancy. Mr. Foreman, Would you please read the charges.

[Mr. Foreman:]
Charge number one.
Trying to Take the Gospel to the world!

[Mr. Foreman:]
Charge number two.
Making gospel music too secular.

[Mr. Foreman:]
Charge number three.
Tearing down the walls of religion.

The Jury finds Mr.Franklin, in the case of versus the state of the world, the verdict is…


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