Kurt Carr – Let Our God

    Let Our God by Kurt Carr MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

    Let Our God LYRICS by Kurt Carr:
    You are the awesome mighty One now
    Your enemies they better run now
    They are no match no comparison
    Died on the cross to overcome

    You took sting out of death that day
    Conquering both hell and the grave
    And if You did all these things
    What can You do in this place? Hey!

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Let our God arise

    You are amazing, powerful
    And You are strong, invincible
    And You’re greater than incredible
    And You defy impossible

    A man was dead for three whole days
    But, You told him to live
    Get up from the grave
    You are a miracle working God
    So do Your thing in this place

    Arise, arise, put on your strength and power
    Oh, great God, power, power, belongs to God


    He’s got all power
    In His hands
    So let our God arise

    He’s got you and me brother
    In His hands
    So let our God arise


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