Casino Royale / Thank You by MUSIC VIDEO

Casino Royale / Thank You LYRCIS by Lancey Foux:

You see, the reason you want to be better is the reason why you aren’t
We aren’t better because we want to be
All the do-gooders in the world whether they’re doing good for others or doing it for themselves are troublemakers
On the basis of, “Kindly let me help you or you will drown”
Because the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Saw her and tell it
Saw her and tell it, uh
Casino royale
Leave the game soakin’ wet before I throw in the towel
My bed served me right, I’ll be here for a while
Seen them bums through a check, they were here for a mile
Hm, they were here for a sec
And you know how it gets, but the sun gonna set
Everybody got regrets, everybody sees the code
Only some gonna get it, these digits ain’t forever
The spirit, that’s forever
Gotta start being humble
I become a lion inside this concrete jungle
Generational warfare, see, I broke off the curse
Can’t come ’round tryna flex floors, I’ma show you I’m worse
You could come ’round tryna break bread, I can break off your will
I can show…

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