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Lecrae – Give In

Give In by Lecrae ft. Crystal Nicole MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Give In LYRICS by Lecrae:
[Hook – Crystal Nicole:]
I’m giving it all away
No more hiding
No more stalling
I hear you calling me
And I’m coming
See me running
I give in (uh oh oh, uh oh oh)
You win (uh oh oh, uh oh oh)
I give in (uh oh oh, uh oh oh)
You win (uh oh oh, uh oh oh)

[Verse 1 – Lecrae:]
I tried but I just can’t keep this thing to myself
Looked high and low, and I know ain’t nobody else
But I’m focused now and I know it’s all about you
You always see me through that’s what you do
Tell me
Tell me, where would I go and where would I be?
Love’s hard to find when you blind and losing yo way
And now ain’t nobody else for me, it’s just you
You got my time, all the time, every time, my mind’s on you

[Hook – Crystal Nicole]

[Verse 2 – Lecrae:]
They laugh at me and they say I’m going too far
But it’s satisfying my soul to give you my all
They don’t understand what I got is so real
They can talk about me, they can kick me out, but can’t take away what you give
People telling me that I’m probably too far gone
But they don’t understand where I been and ain’t walked the roads that I walked on
Tell me who I’m gone call on
What solid ground can I fall on
You everything that I never dreamed and you given me and it’s all on you
You know you got me deep off in this thing I’m all in
I swear ain’t no love like this love that I been given
I can’t resist it’s just too much yo’ love is endless
And I don’t care what they say no more no way I give in yeah

[Hook – Crystal Nicole]

[Bridge – Crystal Nicole:]
It’s time to cut the cord
Sever the ties from the life before
From here on out I’m yours
I can’t run no more
Cause you’re pulling me in
Like a tornado wind
And I can’t pretend
I tried leaving
But your love’s so strong
And it won’t let go
And you’re holding on to me

[Hook – Crystal Nicole]Lecrae – Welcome to America