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Lincoln – KB

by Lincoln MUSIC VIDEO

Ah-ah, yeah
Uh, K to the second letter
Whoa, uh, uh

Okay, okay, yeah
Lincoln on my brain
I got pennies in my name, yeah
Still gon’ free these slaves
Oh my, yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah
Squad like DOJ, yeah
Justice in my veins
We was woke before the phrase
I could, I could quit today, yeah
Happy off this stage
I think I’ve been overpaid, woo, woo, woo, ayy
You can’t censor what I say, yeah
Check my DNA
Coward, that just ain’t no trait, yeah
I don’t fear no face
My grandaddy couldn’t read
And his daddy was a slave
He made mills off real estate
Turn your lemons to meringue
Put my pride on DOA
I got HG, add an A
I watched you go war on tweets
But your profile only changed, huh
Okay, okay, yeah

[Verse 1]
Southside, Southside, Southside, yeah
That’s where I spend downtime, yeah
Ameen and I the Rabbi
Check the podcast for the smoke, yeah
I don’t wanna fight with trolls, yeah
I just wanna fight with souls
I just want to be light
You just wanna be right
Okay, okay, yeah
Lincoln on my brain
Might be a bullet in my name
Yeah, but I don’t go to play
I just, woo, yeah, okay, yeah, yeah
I can’t behave
Got that juice, that protein shake, yeah
Yes, I’m on my whey, yeah
‘Cause they just get heated, the mission defeated
‘Cause we look more like politicians than Jesus
And with your allegiance love who you agree with
You putting your party right over the kingdom
No way, (No way, no way, no way) okay, okay, yeah
Lincoln on my brain, yeah
I’m your navigator, yeah
Wavy the flow, you can take it to go
Sauce in the bag and it’s great with a Coke
Diddy the bop and I came to revolt
Worthy the Lamb that was slain on a slope
Straight to the coast, I’m straight from the stove
I’ve been placing the dope without baking the soda
Got grace by the boat, I’ve been saved by the float
Joe with the coat, colored boy hope, ayy

Okay, okay, yeah
Lincoln on my brain, yeah, yeah
I’m Matthew McConaughey
Okay, okay, okay, okay (Okay)
Lincoln on my brain (Okay)
When they hate like Cain (Okay)
I’m too Honest Abe, yeah
I could quit today
I am happy off the stage
I think I’ve been overpaid
Woo, woo, woo, ayy
You can’t censor what I say, yeah
Check my DNA
Coward ain’t no trait (Woo)
I don’t fear no face
My grandaddy couldn’t read
His daddy was a slave
They made mills off real estate
Turn your lemons to meringue
My God is in this place
Ain’t no mountain in our way
You not what you tweet, yeah
You are what you change

[Verse 2]
I’m a lil’ hope-dealer, jiggy real cold-killer
Not a fear bone in him and the kids roll with him
We ain’t throwing trash out the window
They just say the squad way litter?
Lil’ hope-dealer, it’s a real gold ticket, got a real peace giver, it’s a field goal hitter
I got the squad in the house
We just tryna fix it and flip it
Y’all boys talk, I put on, yeah
Like 5 on the dot, go that off
I’m not a star, throw that off
I’ma make this count, no half off (Yeah)
I am just different, ain’t talkin’ about money moves
If you can see Kevin’s heart, ain’t no funny dude
I kept it solid and I got the, I got the
I can barely talk, I see what the Son will do
Stuntin’ like my daddy, hope you see me, that’s your man’s goals
Simba in a Murciélago, Lion and the Lamb flow
Ain’t He grand, dog? Get a glance, dog
Jesus put it right then left, crossing all you Shammgods
Off top it’s a mantle
Van Gogh when ya man zone
Stress tracks like a damsel
Hearing the ramble, ’til we go Rambo
Ample ammo and I’m out of the panhandle, the pan is handled
I’m cooking up a plan that can’t fold fire don’t it expire like a can of Campbell’s
And if I get to spitting and never pack out the venues the Father packed out my vision no matter where my fans go
And I just get to speaking about the way my faith goes
I’m thinking about, I’m dreaming about the way my faith flows
I’m coming, making it out loud with these holy bank codes
We had the chip way before that queso
It’s native north like Lincoln
I’m from the union, I’m bleeding
I’ve got a people to free here
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Kingdom, I pledge my allegiance


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