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Mandisa – Ruins

Ruins by Mandisa MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Ruins LYRICS by Mandisa:
I look around and all I see
Burning buildings, barren trees
Hopelessness is starting to wreak havoc

Son of man I know You see
The deepest depths unknown to me
You have planted seeds among the ashes

You rebuild
You restore
All that’s broken
From the ruins
You redeem
You return
All that’s stolen
From Your children
That’s what You do

So be still my anxious heart
All that’s gone is never lost
Emmanuel is here and He is faithful

I won’t let my praises stop
I’ll sing it from these rubbled rocks
I know You are good and You are able

You raise beauty from ashes
Yeah that’s what You do
You turn sorrow to gladness
Yeah that’s what You do
I give glory and honor
For all that You do
I will sing Hallelujah
For all that You do