Foreign Music Lyrics Mike Rathke – Every Era

Mike Rathke – Every Era

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Every Era LYRCIS by Mike Rathke:
Verse 1
One day we’ll stand before You Lord
There with palm branches in hand, clothed in white robes
A mighty song voicing Your praise
From the mouths of every culture, nation and tongue

Musicians join the congregation, the King takes the stage
Every knee will bow and tongue confess a new song of praise
An orchestra composed of worshipers from every era

Verse 2
One day we’ll stand before Your throne
The One who made my faith and in that day will make it complete
I’ll take the crown off of my brow
And kneel before the One who wore a crown of thorns for my soul


We’ll sing “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and who is. Yes, the Lord, He will always be here.”

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