NeedToBreathe – Into The Mystery

    Into The Mystery by NeedToBreathe MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

    Into The Mystery LYRICS by NeedToBreathe:
    It’s hard to see it
    And still believe it
    You have always lived deep inside my heart
    I need to know you
    Would swim the unknown seas
    And follow me into the mystery

    From my shallow grave
    I’ve prayed to find
    The strength to crawl
    The strength to climb
    Up to the surface
    Untie my hands
    Sorrow had a purpose
    But it’s time to stand

    Cause I just wanna be loved by you
    I cannot resist the need to hear you say it
    Whatever you do I will be there
    Son, I will follow you anywhere
    Into the mystery

    Love is not a cage, love is not a path
    Love’s a steady hand waiting for the storm to pass
    You loved me then when you needed me
    But will you still when it’s not so easy

    We are sons and daughters
    We are flesh and dust
    We are pulled from the wreckage
    We are not alone
    We are lovers broken
    We are vicarious dreams
    We are tumbling in space out of control
    Into the mystery
    Into the mystery