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Ntokozo Mbambo – Oh Nkosi Yami

Oh Nkosi Yami by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Oh Nkosi Yami LYRCIS by Ntokozo Mbambo:
Ukhuthaz’ umoya wami (You inspire my soul)
Uvuselel’ ukholo lwami (You revive my faith)
Ngezwi lakho elimi phakade (With Your word that stands forever)
Nguwe uMduduzi (You are a Comforter)
Ungumelulek’ omuhle (You are an excellent advisor)
Uyamangalisa njalo njalo (You are amazing all the time)

Uma ngilingwa (When I go through tests)
Ngihlaselwa ngichotshozwa (When I’m attacked and provoked)
Ngikhumbul’ imisebenzi Yakho emihle (I remember all of Your good deeds)
Ngibal’ izibusiso (I count my blessings)
Umoya wami ukudumise (My soul praises You)
Wena ulithemba lami (You are my hope)
Oh Nkosi yam! (Oh my Lord!)

When all my strength has gone
On this rough and winding road
I’m reminded of all You said in Your holy word
You said You’d never leave me
Nor would You forsake me
You said You’d always be with me
Even till the end of the age!

Oh. Oh, oh, oh…


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