My God Fights For Me by MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

My God Fights For Me LYRCIS by People & Songs:
Deuteronomy 20:4 For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.

I was just a shepherd boy without a shield, without a sword
fed up by the giant’s voice screaming curses to the Lord
I walked down that hill alone with a pocket full of river stones
But what that Philistine couldn’t see Is what I had was more than me

On my own I’m weak, but my God fights for me!

I was servant to the king interpreting his crazy dreams
I won’t worship mortal men so they threw me in the lion’s den
Vicious teeth were all I saw but something came and shut their jaws
You couldn’t find a scratch on me in fact that night I fell asleep

Morning came and shocked them all, cause my God fights for me

I stumbled into room with alabaster and my wounds
I could feel their judging eyes as I fell before The Christ
I poured my oil upon his feet I didn’t care who saw me weep
I gave up all I had that day He should’ve sent me on my way

But instead He lifted up my head, cause my God fights for me

He’s my shield, He’s my sword the victory’s the Lords

So what’s your story here today? What’s the giant in your way?
Are you trapped and can’t get out? Are you staring down a lion’s mouth?
Can you stand before the Lord? Or do you need to hit the floor?
It don’t matter what you’ve done? The battle is already won!

Lift your voice with me and sing “My God fights for me!”
So lift your voice in victory, “My God fights for me

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