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Rachel Kerr – Alive

Alive by Rachel Kerr MP3 MUSIC VIDEO

Alive LYRICS by Rachel Kerr:
It took some fighting
And I prayed real hard
It took some crying
Crying in the dark
It took revival
When I was scared to try
But finally I’ve Arrived

It took some lonely lonely roads
It took correction
& being told
It hurt my soul
& it bruised my pride
But look at me, I survived

I’m Alive
I’m Alive
I’m Alive
I’ve Arrived

Took me loving the unloveable
It took forgiveness and letting go
Knowing me and giving my all
But I’m still thriving and I still grow

It took the fire to cleanse my soul
It got ugly sometimes and it got personal
When my walk was reduced to a crawl
Now I see it was worthy it all

This is for everyone
Who knows where I’m coming from
Many battles we’ve won
If you’re standing and you are still living say yeah

If you know what you’ve been through
& you’re still standing
& you’re still living