Walls Come Down by MUSIC VIDEO

Walls Come Down LYRCIS by Refresh Worship:
Verse 1:
You’ve been moving mountains
Long before we started
Long before we knew they could move
You’ve been parting Jordans
Calling us to walk them
Impossible is just what you do

If your promises are yes and amen
We say yes Lord, yes Lord
Though our faith may fail
Your word will prevail
We say yes Lord, yes Lord

Til the walls come down
We’re trusting and we’re taking
Higher ground
No stopping, we’ll keep shouting
Louder now!
You said it, we believe it
Walls come down!
Walls come down!

Verse 2:
Fighting from our victory
Taking territory
The enemy can’t stop what You’ve planned
So we’ll keep pressing forward
To what you set before us
Never letting go of your hand

We will be not troubled
We know giants tumble
Victory is in you
Lead us with your glory
Even in the valley
We find safety in you

Oh, oh, oh
The walls are falling down right now
Walls are falling down right now
Oh, oh, oh
Strongholds coming down right now
Chains have gotta break right now

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